Dr. Chandrima  Emtia
Dr. Chandrima Emtia

Assistant Professor Contact No : 01309313039
Department of Entomology Email : chandrimaemtia@gmail.com
Faculty of Agriculture
Research Interest:    Conservation Biological Control of vegetable pests using natural enemies complex in open field agriculture, Insect Ecology and pest management, Insecticide toxicology
Doctor Of Philosophy    - 2019
University of Miyazaki, Japan
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Enhancement of natural enemies of aphids particularly hoverflies for conservation biological control of aphids using insectary plants in vegetable fields (PhD project)

 Foraging behavior of native hoverflies in the insectary plant patches for the conservation biological control of aphids (Master of Agriculture project)

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Assistant Professor
26 Sep, 2011 -
Total Number:  7


Emtia C and Ohno K (2018) Foraging behavior of an aphidophagous hoverfly, Sphaerophoria macrogaster (Thomson) on insectary plants. Pak J Biol Sci 21(7): 323-330

Emtia C and Ohno K (2017) Diurnal foraging behavior of an aphidophagous hoverfly in an insectary plant patch. J Biopesticides 10(2): 154-162


Pramanik MEA and Emtia C (2014) Impact of population density of Bean Aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch. and the time of a day on its dispersal pattern in bean field. Bangladesh J Entomol 24(2): 13-25



Emtia C, Sagar MSI and Rahman MS (2012) Toxic effects of insecticides on life stages of epilachna beetle, Epilachna dodecastiga muls. Bangladesh J Environ Sci 22: 86-89l



Rana MS and Emtia C (2010) Susceptibility of marigold plants raised from true seed and stem cutting to red mite, Tetranychus bioculatus (wood-mason) and test of pesticides. J Environ Sci and Natural Resources 3(2):133-136



Emtia C and Jahan M (2010) Preference of pulse beetle Callosobruchus chinensis Linn. for different types of pulses. Bangladesh J Entomol 20 (1):31-42


Emtia C and Jahan M (2009) Survey on quantitative losses of pulse seeds by Callosobruchus chinensis L. in a local market. Bangladesh J Seed Technol 13(1&2): 93-96


Total Number:  8


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NOKOH student seminar in English

University of Miyazaki, Japan

07 November 2017


Research studies

(enrolled as research student)

University of Miyazaki, Japan

01 October 2012 to 31 March 2013


Japanese language    training course                                                                          

National University  Cooperation

Kagoshima University

07 April to 28 September 2012


Quality seed for food security under climate change

Seed Science Society, Bangladesh Agricultural University Mymensingh

08 to 10 February 2012



Second seminar on quality seed and food security in Bangladesh

Seed Science Society, Bangladesh Agricultural University Mymensingh

02 to 03 February 2011



Mass rearing and utilization of biological control agent: Special emphasis on earwig

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Bangladesh

20 to 22 April 2010





An advanced course on Communicative English


Department of Language, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh


01 June to July 30 2008


 A training course on Basics of MS Office

Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh

17 to 29 May 2008

Seminar and Abstracts:

  1. Emtia C and Ohno K 2017. Flowering plants enhance natural enemies and provide good biological control of aphids in okra open fields, “NOKOH student Seminar in English,” University of Miyazaki, Japan, 07 November, 2017.


  1. Emtia C and Ohno K 2016. Does the hoverfly forage effectively for flower resources? ”The joint annual meeting of the Entomological society of japan and the Japanese society of Applied Entomology and Zoology”, Osaka, Japan, 26 -29 March, 2016.


  1. Emtia C and Ohno K 2015. Foraging behavior of the hoverfly, Sphaerophoria macrogaster (Thomson) in coriander and blue salvia patches, “The association for plant protection of Kyushu,” Kumamoto, Japan, 2-5 February, 2015.


  1. Emtia C and Ohno K 2014. Foraging behavior of the hoverfly, Episyrphus balteatus (Degeer) in lacy phacelia field, “The association for plant protection of Kyushu”, Kagoshima, Japan, 4-7 November, 2014.
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08 UOM, AEAZ, BAU Agriculture (Entomology)
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Member Bangladesh Entomological Society